Psycho Girlfriend Parodies Justin Bieber’s Boyfriend Song

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Sometimes being in a relationship can be scary; especially if you have a psycho girlfriend (or boyfriend). The following video is a parody/spoof of Justin Bieber’s Boyfriend song, but done from the eyes of a girl who not only talks like a stalker, but also has that crazed look that makes you fear her. Just reading the lyrics is enough to make you run. Here’s the first paragraph from the song:

If I was your girlfriend, I’d drive you up the wall;
Question who you’re with, yeah I’d always call and call;
I wouldn’t call it jealousy, just looking out for you;
Reading all your texts, watching everything you do.

Ah, what we don’t do for love. This viral ?video (over 13.5 million views as of this writing) was done by a girl named Laina. Her YouTube account name is wzro713 and her Facebook page is at and her Twitter account is at She registered both on June 15, 2012. The Facebook account was registered at 10:45pm PST on June 15, followed by the Twitter account at 11:29pm PST. ?She has a white dog called Mazie who lives with her parents and goes to doggy day camp during the day while the parents are at work. Wait… we’re not stalking her (big eyes), are we? Creepy.

Enjoy the video and if you like it, look for a link under the video to her “Call Me Maybe” parody.

Psycho Girlfriend Parody of Just Bieber Boyfriend Song

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Laina has a followup video for you – Call Me Maybe Parody


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